Vinny Lingham Vows to Become a Raging Bull if Bitcoin Price Holds $6,200

Not to compare Vinny Lingham to Cinderella, and he’s not about to turn into a pumpkin or anything. But one of the biggest skeptics on the bitcoin price is hours away from turning bullish as the clock ticks closer to midnight.

Lingham had made himself warm and cozy in the crypto winter, so this is a 180-degree turn for him. All kidding aside, the founder of blockchain-fueled identity startup Civic has also been a realist throughout the market downturn. He was never afraid to bet against the crowd even as the rest of the community grasped at straws for a shift in sentiment. For that reason, once Lingham says it’s a bull market, you can pretty much thank your lucky stars there’s nothing stopping the bitcoin price now.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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