Why is IOTA (MIOTA) losing value?

In recent times, there have been plenty of positive developments revolving around Iota (MIOTA). While there have been impulses in between but when you look at the longer term performance of iota (MIOTA), it has been completely lackluster. Due to this very reason, many investors are trying to figure out why Iota (MIOTA) is losing value.

Why is IOTA (MIOTA) losing value?
If you look at the intraday performance of Iota (MIOTA), it is up by 3%. However, when you look at the three-month performance, it has lost approximately 10%. It is a clear indication that in spite of the many positive news, in the longer term it is not performing that well. The question which many investors are asking whether it can lose more value.

Long-term impact:
Most of the fundamental news of iota (MIOTA) are long-term in nature. They do not impact the demand of iota (MIOTA) in the shorter term. That is why, other than sentimental value, the impact is pretty minimal. Iota (MIOTA) gains on these news on a shorter term basis and then retraces all the gains again. That is why, in the past quarter itself, it has not gained a lot.

Reference: https://cryptolithy.com/iota-miota-news-why-is-iota-miota-losing-value/

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