Yelp’s Bitcoin Filter Could Kickstart Weak Crypto Adoption

Local-search company Yelp has joined the pact by reportedly adding a filter to help users find merchants that accept cryptocurrency. No matter if you’re looking for a burger bar, dog groomer, or any other kind of business listed on its site, you can now zero in on those that let you pay with crypto.

Yelp’s move is reflective of a larger move that the crypto space has craved – mass adoption. Whether merchants are rolling out ways to draw in customers or demand to pay with crypto is on the rise, this is clearly a good sign.

Yelp’s filter hunts down establishments that accept crypto. It doesn’t accept digital currencies itself.

Yelp’s filter is significant because its user base is huge. It reportedly had more than 30 million unique visitors on its mobile application and 69 million unique users on its mobile website last year. Roughly 62 million desktop users visited. This was just in its last fiscal quarter.

Another popular site that has made such moves is travel giant Expedia. reportedly is now supporting payments in seven different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.


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Author: Neo Anderson

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