CPChain Mainnet Launched to Bring Fast IoT Solutions

CPChain (Cyber Physical Chain) just launched its mainnet, successfully producing blocks as of 6/27/2019 03:18 AM UTC+8. CPChain ushers in a new and fast solution for real-time data keeping compatible with the Internet of Things, offering an immutable record and fast connectivity to a distributed network.

CPChain’s mainnet aims at the goal of uniting blockchain, encryption and storage to serve IoT devices while optimizing data sharing costs and ensuring end-user privacy. CPChain tackles the issues of real-time processing, security, data sharing, and scalability, to bring real-world IoT solutions.

Currently, data remains more or less isolated, and the Internet of Things or smart devices are serviced by a centralized computing center. This has led to multiple problems, including smart devices, smart homes or locks not working because a single server was down. Or locks that were hacked and opened, because all the data was kept in one place.

The blockchain is never down – and CPChain also has the perfect solution for security, as the distributed data are encrypted in a way where an attack is not feasible. The other issue, the speed of transactions and real-time observation, is also built into the CPChain mainnet solution.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/press-releases/cpchain-mainnet-launched-to-bring-fast-iot-solutions/2019/06/30/

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Author: Neo Anderson

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