Deep tech: Why C-suite execs are pursuing blockchain

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are among the top priorities of enterprises pursuing deep-tech solutions, a new survey reveals. Blockchain is seen as a major area of interest among enterprises looking to invest in deep-tech solutions, a new report suggests.

The companies surveyed said their main area of investment was in established corporations that are already pursuing deep tech (29%), followed by startups and venture-backed companies (25%). Companies also said they were pursuing internally developed solutions (24%) and investing in research groups either funded by governments or universities (21%).

 Regulation of cryptocurrencies is still an ongoing process and could conceivably shift the priorities of the enterprises included in the survey. In April, the World Economic Forum’s head of data, blockchain and digital assets, Sheila Warren, warned that the cryptocurrency industry would soon be subject to a “dramatic” round of regulation as interest in the space grows.

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