INDX Top 10 Crypto Staking Tokens Published

INDX, a crypto passive income FinTech due to launch a dividend paying security token offering (STO) on July 1, has published a list of the Top 10 Staking Tokens. Selected by the company’s proprietary algorithm, the list takes volatility, volume, liquidity, risk and integrity into account and ranks tokens by expected yield. INDX previously published its Masternode (June 10, 2019) which along with the Top 10 Crypto Staking Tokens will be considered by the INDX algorithm.

“Staking offers a great opportunity to diversify into more stable, liquid and larger market cap currencies that also produce a passive income stream. The INDX Top 10 Staking List ranks the most investable projects from a growing market valued at nearly $25bn” says CEO Jonathan DeCarteret. “Telegram’s new GRAM token and Ethereum’s planned upgrade to Proof-of-Stake both indicate major industry adoption.”


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Author: Neo Anderson

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