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John McAfee Brands Banker-FUDed Paranoid US Congressman ‘Crypto Dracula’

U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman’s call to ban cryptocurrencies has been labeled as ‘FUD’ by anti-virus software guru and crypto influencer John McAfee. The cryptocurrency maverick who is also vying for the U.S. presidency equated the congressman to a vampire.

In a tweet, McAfee posted an image of the Democratic House Rep for California’s 30th congressional district posing as Count Dracula with the vampire fangs out, perhaps a metaphor for his attempt to suck the life out of crypto.

This came in the wake of Sherman urging House colleagues to back legislation outlawing the purchase of cryptocurrencies by Americans. The Congressman made the remarks during a House Financial Services Committee meeting.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/john-mcafee-brands-banker-fuded-paranoid-us-congressman-crypto-dracula

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